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watch perfection in the detail

The design of the Global Q and T is based on the E-ink technology for a very sharp image. The display and the band form 1 visual whole by the shiny black chrome band.

The display consists of 2 parts, which, like the band itself form 2 band links, making a perfect and very pleasant fitting around the wrist. The display is asymmetrical, so that the straight side is flush to the side of the hand.

the Global T and Global Q

The Global, as another very unique aspect, is supplied with 2 cufflinks in the same design and material.

The Global T with straight edge and the Global Q with curved edge and comparing cufflinks. The edges are finished in chrome or gold plated.

To wear the Global left or right, the image in both displays can be reversed

watch version in chrome with cufflinks

watch version in gold with cufflinks

watch reversable displays to wear left or right

the Bluetiecompany logo

Designed by Hans de Gier