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How it is custom made Wall of Wine

The making process in picture and text
Each wine rack is assembled on custom order out of a vertical steel profile for wall mounting and horizontal profiles with bottle carriers. In this presentation we show you the whole production process, that requires much handcraft. 
The making procedure:

The profile for wall mounting is first made at the right length and then the holes are drilled wall mounting and the mounting of the horizontal profiles. For this drilling has to be done very accurately.

The profiles that will carrie the wine bottles, are made of steel strip and welded rods.

The steel strips at first are made at a rough length. Then the holes are drilled for the steel rods. To meet the required accuressy, a special mold is constructed. In another mold the holes are drilled with a position-margin of only 0.2 mm.

The extends of the carrier profiles are now rounded in a special mold, specially manufactured in our shop.

The steel rods (round 6 mm), are first made at a rough length and then rounded. In the next step these rods are welded to the carrier profiles to create a solid construction.

Now the carrier and wall profiles are ready, these can be combined by welding in another special mold.

Now the construction of the rack is ready, it is checked carefuly. After approval it is ready for its epoxy-coating. In a powder coating proces with a temperature of 180 degrees C., a durable and shiny topcoat is attached.

The plastic bottle carriers are produced by 3D-printing. Then a transparant acrillic coating is attached. The own caracter of the 3D-printing proces will be remained well.

The bottle carriers, in the customers color choises, are now attached tot the rods with a 2-component glue.

The last step is packing it firmly, together with wallplugs, screws, the certificate of authenticity and a clear mounting guide for easy mounting.

And then on its way to you !

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